With over 25 years of experience!

929 N. Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Store Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7:30. - 4:00, Saturday 8:00 - 4:00

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We offer a variety of service to help maintain your dog or cat’s well being.  From simple nail trims to full grooms, our professionally trained staff will take care of your pet’s needs.  Over the years, we have found and use the best pet product offered today, from all natural shampoos to state of the art equipment, we don’t sacrifice our quality of grooming. 
We are all about quality here at Lulu’s Pet Retreat and we only book the number of dogs our staff can handle.  We believe that our quality far out-weighs quantity.

Grooming Starting Prices

Small Bath & Nails $25.00 Extras  
Small Bath & Tidy $32.00 Nails $10.00
Small Full Groom $48.00 Tooth brushing $5.00
Medium Bath and Nails $35.00 De-shedding small $10.00
Medium Bath & Tidy $42.00 De-shedding medium $15.00
Medium Full Groom $59.00 De-shedding large $20.00
Large Bath & Nails $55.00 De-matting fees (based on time) $5-$20
Large Bath & Tidy $65.00 De-flea/tick  (based on time) $10-$25
Large Full Groom $75.00  


Cat Bath $60.00 Late Pick up fee $10.00 per hour ($25 max charge)**
Cat Groom $70.00    


Diatomaceous Earth

    ½ lb. Diatomaceous Earth $10.00
    1lb. Diatomaceous Earth $15.00


**All grooming dogs must be picked up within 2 hours of completion.  A late charge will be added for dogs left longer than 2 hours after completion.

Walk-ins subject to availability.

Shampoo Prices

Plumeria Delight

Hypo-Allogenic Included  
Mila Tar (medicated, helps dry itchy skin) $2.00  
Royal Chrysanthemum $2.00  
High Yield (whitening shampoo) $2.00  
Fresh Coat $2.00  
Oatmeal (for dry itchy skin) $2.00  
Citrus flea defense (flea repellant) $5.00  
Limonaid (flea dip natural) $5.00  
Chlorhexidine (medicated for itchy skin) $5.00  
Furminator (removes undercoat) $10.00  
Flea Dip  (pesticide)    $10.00  
Vita Silk (conditioner) $2.00  
Plumeria Crème Rinse (conditioner) $2.00  
Detangling Spray $10.00  
Fresh N Clean Cologne (6 oz) $10.00